The idea for Preserving York began quite simply and was only intended to be a website where fascinating and unique pieces of York County, Pennsylvania history could be shared with others. As interest in the website grew, founder and organizer Blake Stough created the Preserving York page on Facebook in January 2012. It wasn’t long before things began getting interesting.

The Preserving York website and Facebook page offer those with an interest in York County history a wide range of topics to pique their interest. Viewers will readily see such things as old photographs, memorabilia, ephemera, and any other items connected to this area. They will also learn about preservation projects, concerns about old properties in the area or those threatened by development, people from yesteryear who helped shape the area into what it is today, and so much more.

As time went on the group has organized fundraisers, cemetery preservation projects, tours and gatherings at historic York County sites, and it has also brought many people together who share similar interests. With time and hard work, Preserving York was known as a “grassroots community group dedicated to building community through local history”, which it still considers itself today.

The momentum of Preserving York’s success came to a screeching halt as its founder faced major life changes. With his time and energy on family, Blake ceased operations of the Preserving York website but kept the Facebook page operational. Shutting down the website was a difficult decision, but he knew it would return when the time was right.

Today, the Preserving York website is back up and running while Blake works feverishly to bring the group out of the shadows. It won’t be long before it’s back in the forefront of York County grassroots groups with a focus on local history. As he works to create new content for the site, he’ll be reincarnating archived stories so then can still be used as learning tools for the community.

Preserving York is thankful for everyone who supported it during its heyday, as well as the period of time when it was stagnant. With that continued support, it will be back on top in no time at all.